Steps To Getting Your New Roof


Roof Inspection

  • Have the professionals at Classic Roof Systems inspect your roof for damage.  

File a Claim

  • Call your insurance agent and file a claim.

Insurance Adjuster

  • Your insurance company will schedule an insurance adjuster to come inspect  your roof and entire property.

Damage Report

You will receive a 6-10 page report of the damages from the adjuster.

Claim Payment

You will then be paid in two separate checks. The first check will be for the grand total of damages, less your deductible and depreciation. Your deductible is typically 1% of the home’s insured value.  

The second check will be for the “recoverable” depreciation. 

Example: Total damages = $15,000. Deductible = $3,000. Depreciation = $2,000. 

1st Check = $10,000.  2nd Check = $2,000.

Total available for repairs = $12,000 (1st check + 2nd check)  


Classic Roof Systems can file for your depreciation monies as a courtesy.